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Caption 1: Befriend the family of the traitor, Farhat.
Caption 2: Daughter; Hana, Age 13. Introverted. Likes horses and math.
Zafina: I do not wish to do this.
Handler: Do you not remember your family, child? Eliminated by the traitors you wish to protect.
Handler: Will you too betray your country; your family? As if you sent the missiles yourself?
Zafina: Hi. I was coming home from class and saw your riding boots. I've always wanted to take lessons, but . . . sorry. My name's Sara . . . what's yours?
Caption 3: Ensure the girl wants to see you again and influence her to invite you to visit her at the Farhat house.
Hana: Bye, Sara. You have my address, right?
Zafina: Yes.
Caption 4: Final objective: Kill Amila and Hana Farhat. Bodies should be bloody and left for Idris to find.