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Caption 1: They're going to kill me. That's the price for disobedience . . .
Zafina: Can you start a fire?
Hayden: *sob*
Zafina: *sigh* Of course not. Useless . . .
Caption 2: He looked too much like my brother. I just couldn't --
Zafina: Who's there?!
Caption 3: The woman; she is kind.
Woman: Zafina? Zafina El-Amin?
Woman: I've been looking for you. I'm here to take you somewhere safe.
Caption 4: She must not know who I am. What I am. Or . . .
Caption 5: She wants to make me her own.
Caption 6: They always do.
Caption 7: It is my turn.
Caption 8: My name is Zafina, and this time, I will create myself.